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Thursday Murder Club Quiz

22 November, 2020

I also recommend Richard’s book.

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Richard Osman’s House of Games | BBC Books

2 August, 2019
Book of Games

I am proud of this book, which comes out on 17 October.

It has some games from the TV show, and some new ones and, with a couple of exceptions, all new questions. There are some imaginary behind-the-scenes conversations and general nonsense.


Do you know how many post boxes there are in the UK? Could you guess how many times the word ‘goat’ appeara in the King James Version of the bible? Fancy playing a game of charades where all of the books, films and plays are entirely made up? Now, look around the room. Is anyone there the kind of person who’ll say ‘I just don’t understand this’, when faced with something that’s not just perfectly easy to understand, but is … well, fun? Ask them to leave. Have they gone? Good. Now welcome inside the House of Games.

Just The Gist: A Twitter (and Tumblr) Music Quiz

2 June, 2011

Just The Gist

Inspired by my own article about Google-proofing the pub quiz, I am resurrecting Just The Gist.

This was – and now is again – a music quiz where you guess the song title based on a precis of its narrative content. This is a “soft launch”. Later, there might be themes and prizes and that.

Inevitably, it takes place on Twitter: @justthegist.

Update 1 July: Answers, archives, video and extra at the Just The Gist tumblelog.

Google-Proofing the Pub Quiz

1 June, 2011


I’ve written a feature for the BBC News Magazine about how pub quizzes can survive the smartphone era.

“Text-messaging Is Destroying the Pub Quiz As We Know It, noted the Super Furry Animals in 2001. Little did they know that the pub quiz of 2011 would start with the host insisting: ‘OK, iPhones away, please. Yes, very clever – and Androids. All phones away.’

“Cheating has always been possible in pub quizzes. But while once the dishonest quizzer had to pop out to phone a friend, or wait for a text message reply, phones with fast internet access have taken cheating possibilities to a new level.”

  • Photo taken at Bekenscot Model Village.
  • One type of question which there wasn’t room for was the Blurred Cover. Below are four best-sellers. But what are their titles and authors?

Blurred books