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The Traitors: The Interactive Game Book | Century Books

31 October, 2023

Choose your way through the story, plus some new games, out 23 November:

Pointless Facts for Curious Minds | BBC Books

26 October, 2023

Be the Host and the Pointless Friend:

House of Games | BBC2

25 September, 2023

Series seven:

A History of Britain in Just A Minute | BBC Books

20 September, 2022

On bookshelves 22 September.

Cat Burglar | Netflix

21 February, 2022

It’s your standard texaverienne interactive immersive experience experiment.

Death to 2021 | Netflix

3 December, 2021

Due for release 27 December.

Death To 2020 | Netflix

3 December, 2020

I was delighted to work on this review of this year.

John Dawson obituary | The Guardian

5 November, 2020

Remembering Chifonie.

• See also: Gordius obituary; How to solve Cryptic Crosswords during Coronavirus

Becoming You | Apple TV

26 October, 2020

A long time in the making. There is something extraordinary in every episode.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm | Amazon

14 October, 2020

“Additional material”, written before the substantial Covid elements, for this, released on 23 October.


Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe | BBC2

8 May, 2020

Proud to have taken part. BBC2, 9pm, 14 May.

David Moseley obituary | The Guardian

13 March, 2020

Also known as Gordius.

St Barts

The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book | BBC Books

8 February, 2020

For every Shipping Forecast area, you find the places on the map indicated by various clues. Join the places to form the shapes of letters. Join the letters to form a sea shanty.

Out 5 November from your local bookshop / Penguin / Waterstones / Amazon etc.

It also gives a flavour of what it’s like to be in each of Dogger, Fisher, German Bight…

Alternative Election Night | Channel 4

6 December, 2019

Not another one:

See also: Election Night Quiz; Election Lexicon

Have I Got News For You | BBC1

4 October, 2019

Series 58 begins 9pm, Fri 11 October.

Martin Clunes

Richard Osman’s House of Games | BBC Books

2 August, 2019
Book of Games

I am proud of this book, which comes out on 17 October.

It has some games from the TV show, and some new ones and, with a couple of exceptions, all new questions. There are some imaginary behind-the-scenes conversations and general nonsense.


Do you know how many post boxes there are in the UK? Could you guess how many times the word ‘goat’ appeara in the King James Version of the bible? Fancy playing a game of charades where all of the books, films and plays are entirely made up? Now, look around the room. Is anyone there the kind of person who’ll say ‘I just don’t understand this’, when faced with something that’s not just perfectly easy to understand, but is … well, fun? Ask them to leave. Have they gone? Good. Now welcome inside the House of Games.

Have I Got News for You | BBC1

24 March, 2019

Series 57 begins 9pm, Fri 5 April.

David Dimbleby

Have I Got News for You | BBC1

29 September, 2018

Series 56 begins 9pm, Fri 5 October.

Steph McGovern

Have I Got News for You | BBC1

29 March, 2018

Series 55 begins 9pm, Fri 6 April.

Frank Skinner

Baftas 2018

18 February, 2018

Scripts for the film ceremony.