The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book | BBC Books

For every Shipping Forecast area, you find the places on the map indicated by various clues. Join the places to form the shapes of letters. Join the letters to form a sea shanty.

Out 5 November from your local bookshop / Penguin / Waterstones / Amazon etc.

It also gives a flavour of what it’s like to be in each of Dogger, Fisher, German Bight…

Gegs | Radio 4

Good times talking to James Peak for this documentary.

And an Everyman puzzle to match.

Radio 4, 7 April 2024, 1915

The Traitors: The Interactive Game Book | Century Books

Choose your way through the story, plus some new games, out 23 November:

Pointless Facts for Curious Minds | BBC Books

Be the Host and the Pointless Friend:

The World At One | Radio 4

I’m right at the end of today’s episode:

House of Games | BBC2

Series seven:

‘Very Guardian’ puzzle | Guardian

Everyman No 4,000 | Observer

I collaborated with Allan Scott, Colin Gumbrell and – via the archives – the other three setters of the Everyman crossword since 1945 (Alec Robins, Dorothy Taylor and of course Derrick Somerset Macnutt) on an anniversary puzzle.

Off-Grid | Podcast

More from the ‘not really about crosswords’ podcast:

The Reluctant Traveler | Apple TV

Everyman crossword | Observer

It’s my 200th puzzle for the Observer’s Everyman series.

There’s an interview at the Guardian; Enigmatist / Nimrod has kindly assisted in the unmasking there and in the weekend i (print/subscription):

A History of Britain in Just A Minute | BBC Books

On bookshelves 22 September.

House of Games | BBC2

Series six:

Summer puzzle supplement | Guardian

Delighted to have created a US-style puzzle and “The Most Guardian Crossword Ever” for this. If you missed it, “Most Guardian” is here and US-style is in puz and pdf or interactive below.

Cat Burglar | Netflix

It’s your standard texaverienne interactive immersive experience experiment.

Death to 2021 | Netflix

Due for release 27 December.

Off-Grid | Podcast

The ‘not really about crosswords’ podcast:


Taskmaster | Ebury Books

A treat to test-solve.

House of Games | BBC2

Series five:

Inside Inside No 9 | BBC Sounds

More detail than you could reasonably expect on Inside No 9’s Riddle of the Sphinx and Two Girls, One on Each Knee

… in this podcast episode.