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Eating Asparagus Every Day (2)

13 June, 2011

Day 64 and the end of the English asparagus season approaches, bitterly early. I have been eating the recommendations of Guardian readers and I offer my findings in a new piece headlined Tears For Spears.

“[P]eople ask coyly about the, um, after-smell. I’ll spare excess detail [but] I welcome it as a reminder of a glorious meal. Everyone’s smells, incidentally, but not everyone can smell it. It’s better to avoid picturing the medical research that led to that finding.”

The experiment is enough to give Comment Is Free users a good name.

  • If you too love either asparagus or repetition, you can watch the slideshow of the 2011 season above.
  • Recipes are either provided or linked to under the Flickr images.