What are you looking for?

A Young Doctor's NotebookBooks: We are, I think, two thirds of the way through the trilogy —

Film: BBC snooker biopic The Rack Pack

A Young Doctor’s Notebook: here’s a Guardian piece on how we adapted Mikhail Bulgakov’s stories for the Daniel Radcliffe / Jon Hamm comedy-drama

Other telly: presenter: the Word, the Big Breakfast, the Daily Politics, etc; co-writer: Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back, Respectable, The Pooters, etc; writer: the Charlie Brooker Wipe series, Have I Got News For You, Bafta Film Awards scripts, the Jonathan Ross Show, This Week, etc etc [other TV] [other journalism]

Quiz: question editor, Only Connect, Richard Osman’s House of Games; my book on why we do this at all, etc etc etc [more]

Alan ConnorSome music writing for the BBC: Why Nick Drake is not the patron saint of the miserable; Torture chamber music; Secrets of writing a ‘wallpaper’ hit; Britain’s favourite funeral music; What is a ‘guilty pleasure’?; The Unswinging Sixties

And here’s me on individual songs: Hotel California; The Lion Sleeps Tonight; Stand By Me; Ace of Spades; Forever Young; Louie Louie; God Only Knows; Aquarela do Brasil; Another Star; Like A Rolling Stone; Shipbuilding; What A Wonderful World; London Calling; Bohmeian Rhapsody; 4’33; My Sharona; Everybody Hurts; Killing in the Name; Down Under; Hallelujah; Two Little Boys; Fairytale of New York; Anarchy in the UK; Flowers in the Rain; (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais; A Whiter Shade of Pale; Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West) [more]

Here are the slides of the talks I gave to the Entertainment Masterclass: Who’s Pitching To Whom And Why (…And Also How)? – The Future For Pitching Comedy In The UK: Brighter, Faster, More Confusing and/or “Not That I’m Saying It’s Traditional” – The Stigma Against The ‘Traditional’ In British Sitcoms

I like cribbage and asparagus. And for the avoidance of doubt, I am not Alan Connor the songwriter (though I do enjoy playing the autoharp and Appalachian dulcimer) or Alan Connor the troll or Alan Connor the man who concealed counterfeit notes in his underpants. Hello!

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  1. Andrew Roberts says:

    in answer to your query re: “Smaller dog than Patch” (comments are closed), if I say the first letter is s, does that help – it’s four letters.

  2. admin says:

    Ah, very good. SPOT. Very very good.

  3. Liz Boyd says:

    Sorry for the poor placement of this request. I could not figure out how to contact you otherwise. We are holding The Third Annual Minnesota Crossword Tournament this month. One of our donors contacted me about your book. Apparently he indexed it. At any rate, we would LOVE to give your book as prizes. I realize it is not published until July BUT we can feature it on our website and have materials at the event. Here is the link to our website:


    Thanks for your consideration. Warm regards. Liz Boyd.

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