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A Young Doctor's Notebook

Books: We are, I think, two thirds of the way through the trilogy —

Film: Borat II; BBC snooker biopic The Rack Pack

A Young Doctor’s Notebook: here’s a Guardian piece on how we adapted Mikhail Bulgakov’s stories for the Daniel Radcliffe / Jon Hamm comedy-drama

Other telly: presenter: the Word, the Big Breakfast, the Daily Politics, etc; co-writer: Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back, Respectable, The Pooters, etc; writer: the Charlie Brooker Wipe series, Have I Got News For You, Bafta Film Awards scripts, the Jonathan Ross Show, This Week, etc etc [other TV] [other journalism]

Quiz: question editor, Only Connect, Richard Osman’s House of Games; my book on why we do this at all, etc etc etc [more]

Some music writing for the BBC: Why Nick Drake is not the patron saint of the miserable; Torture chamber music; Secrets of writing a ‘wallpaper’ hit; Britain’s favourite funeral music; What is a ‘guilty pleasure’?; The Unswinging Sixties

And here’s me on individual songs: Hotel California; The Lion Sleeps Tonight; Stand By Me; Ace of Spades; Forever Young; Louie Louie; God Only Knows; Aquarela do Brasil; Another Star; Like A Rolling Stone; Shipbuilding; What A Wonderful World; London Calling; Bohmeian Rhapsody; 4’33; My Sharona; Everybody Hurts; Killing in the Name; Down Under; Hallelujah; Two Little Boys; Fairytale of New York; Anarchy in the UK; Flowers in the Rain; (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais; A Whiter Shade of Pale; Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West) [more]

Crosswords: my book; my column

Here are the slides of the talks I gave to the Entertainment Masterclass: Who’s Pitching To Whom And Why (…And Also How)? – The Future For Pitching Comedy In The UK: Brighter, Faster, More Confusing and/or “Not That I’m Saying It’s Traditional” – The Stigma Against The ‘Traditional’ In British Sitcoms

I like cribbage and asparagus. And for the avoidance of doubt, I am not Alan Connor the songwriter (though I do enjoy playing the autoharp and Appalachian dulcimer) or Alan Connor the troll or Alan Connor the man who concealed counterfeit notes in his underpants. Hello!