Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back | BBC2

Nigel Farage Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop is Nigel Farage, in a programme imagining his life after resigning. Blurb:

“On the 23rd June, Britain voted to leave the European Union,” added the BBC. “Then, on the 4th July, Nigel Farage, the man who had made it all possible, resigned saying he wanted his life back. But what sort of life has he gone back to, and how does a man forever in the spotlight fill his days now he has nothing to do?”


  • BBC2, 10pm, Sun 30 October
  • Script: Alan Connor, Shaun Pye
  • Director: Ben Palmer
  • Producer: Kate Daughton
  • Executive producer: Peter Holmes
  • Commissioned: Shane Allen, Alex Moody
  • A Zeppotron production
  • See also: The Rack Pack

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