Only Connect: A Quiz Show for BBC4

only connect

As of the next series, I will be the question editor for BBC Four’s million-viewer quiz Only Connect, which will incidentally move to BBC Two in 2014.

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    4 Responses to Only Connect: A Quiz Show for BBC4

    1. steve pittard says:

      Dear Mr Connor
      Yet again during this series Only Connect has played fast and loose with cricket facts. It is an urban myth that Merv Hughes moustache was insured by Lloyds of London. Where do your ‘researchers’ glean their information?…down the pub of a Friday evening or consulting Wikipedia.
      Yours incredulously Steve Pittard

      • admin says:

        Good morning Steve. Setters have to give two sources, in this case the Independent and Lloyds of London. Then the verifiers have to find two more, in this case How Stuff Works and Virgin Media. With this kind of subject matter, we do try to make sure that sources from the press are not based on unverified urban legends, and in this case Lloyd’s own site suggested that the question was kosher. (Off the record, there was also a conversation with the cricketer in question, which you can take with a pinch of salt if you like.) It’s hard to prove a negative, but it is of course possible that Lloyd’s itself has got the facts wrong, but I’m happy that we followed the right procedures here — but also very interested to see anything to the contrary.

    2. Rod Janes says:

      I look forward to ‘Only Connect’ each week, but will miss tonight’s show.
      On principle I never watch ‘Celebrity Specials’ of any kind.

      • admin says:

        I admire your purity. (But the charity shows — as I call them — often have some of the best questions. Perhaps you could watch with only the bottom of the screen visible, for the clues?)

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